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Life, Laughter and Love at Octoberfest

 The rain was coming down in torrents, but we were determined to pray it away.  Today was the day that mama had been looking forward to for weeks.  It has been six months since her stroke.  Leaving her with a left sided deficit, arm and leg and blind in the left quadrant of both eyes.  Her struggles have been real.  She has been in 3 facilities and 4 hospitals, suffering while the doctor’s tried one drug after the other.  To say that it has been a whirlwind, would be a vast understatement.

But, God in His loving role of caretaker, has pointed us to an amazing facility.  One in which mama is safe. She has not accepted this yet, though, as her forever home. She is a strong lady.  Filled with determination and persistence. We are searching daily for wisdom in finding that sweet spot between giving her hope and being realistic. She needs constant direction and 24/7 care for all of her daily needs.  Something that my sister and I cannot provide for her in our current life journey. 

We have made her comfortable.  Decorated her room with her favorite quilt and pictures of her family.  Trying to see life through her view and molding things to provide her peace and stability.  Encouragement has been an everyday goal.  We had bought her a smartphone and continue to teach her how to use it so that we are always in touch.  We have those funny moments when we get a FaceTime and all you see is mama’s nose:) Or she butt calls us and you hear her excusing herself for bumping into people with her wheelchair.  All in all, these past two weeks have been the most peaceful since the stroke placed her on a new life path.

So today was Octoberfest. The rain just wasn’t stopping.  We ran out of gas, got there a little late and my sister and I found ourselves soaked when we finally walked into her room.  Mama has lost the “it’s ok, I understand” filter part of her brain.  When she has a thought, out she comes with it.  So all of the above did not go well with her soul!  After her ranting…and then some much-needed re-directing, we finally headed toward the infamous Octoberfest.  Waiting in the hallway with wheelchairs lined up in single file just didn’t sit well with mama. So sis and I each took a side of the wheelchair and pushed her up the steep wet hill to the building that housed the event. Hahaha, just the picture of us sweating and out of breath, with mama sitting stoically like royalty in her wheelchair saying, you girls need to get into better shape, was enough to make anyone laugh.  Well, that was the beginning…

We collected our food and settled into a table at the front of the room, awaiting the band to start.  A three-man polka, jazz band. That’s when the laughter ensued.  Mama laughed and smiled and laughed again. Oh, that sweet sound of laughter and mama singing and clapping along to the band’s renditions of songs gone by was a precious sight to behold.


Then all of a sudden, the band breaks into Blue Moon. Directly in front of us, a sweet man puts his hand out to his wife, she smiles and takes his hand in hers.  He smiles back and covers her tiny hand with his strong, albeit withered one.  Oblivious to the fact that they had allowed all of us into this tender moment with them. They begin to dance.  Like one person, in two bodies.  It was so beautiful to see…Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see this little man-child reach over to his sister and do the same thing.  Apparently mimicking their grandparents.  They begin to ‘cut the rug’, alongside their grandparents.  Mama smiles.  I cried. It was an emotional moment filled with so many unspoken words.


The rain had stopped.  The band had played.  People loved well.  Smiles emerged. God showed up.  He had parted the clouds and brought some sunshine and laughter to what had started as a dark, rainy day.  So like our good, good Father! 

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Wisdom’s Rebuke

Proverbs 1:

20 Out in the open wisdom calls aloud,

    she raises her voice in the public square;

21 on top of the wall she cries out,

    at the city gate she makes her speech:

22 “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways?

    How long will mockers delight in mockery

    and fools hate knowledge?

23 Repent at my rebuke!

    Then I will pour out my thoughts to you,

    I will make known to you my teachings.

24 But since you refuse to listen when I call

    and no one pays attention when I stretch out my hand,

25 since you disregard all my advice

    and do not accept my rebuke,

26 I, in turn, will laugh when disaster strikes you;

    I will mock when calamity overtakes you—

27 when calamity overtakes you like a storm,

    when disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind,

    when distress and trouble overwhelm you.

When we believe we are right, there is a switch that turns on inside of us.   We will do just about anything to defend our stance.  Out loud and strong.  Some of us, more than others, will fight to the death to prove what we believe to be truth.  Social media has provided a helping hand when the need to express our opinion comes on strong. Safely tucked behind a computer screen, we respond, many times,  without thinking.  Throwing wisdom to the wind.  Making sure that our voice is heard loud and clear.  Penned in ink for years to come.  Wisdom isn’t crazy about this.

I love the personification in this scripture.  Wisdom is telling us that she is raising her voice loud.  To be heard above all of the noise.  She loves us.  She doesn’t want us to fail!  She pours out everything that she has to give.  A teacher that truly wants her students to learn.  She is passionate about it.  But she is no pushover! 

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-10-25-pmShe knows that if we do not listen to her advice, failure is imminent.  Ha, she doesn’t hold back any punches.  She lets us know that without wisdom, disaster will strike us; calamity will overtake us like a storm.  Her, “I told you so.”, rings loud and true. 

Wisdom is our friend.  She tells us like it is.  Wisdom is someone that we need to have on speed dial.  As a favorite in our friends list. Our ears need to be tuned into her voice.  She get’s it!  She is, after all, wisdom!

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Proverbs: Choose your friends wisely.

My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them.

11 If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul;

12 let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit;

13 we will get all sorts of valuable things  and fill our houses with plunder;

14 cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”—

15 my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths;

16 for their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood.

17 How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!

18 These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves!

19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the life of those who get it.

Mama always told me that if I hung out with the wrong people, I would be like them.  How true her words were.  I watched her warning come to pass in seasons of my life.   

There were years when overwhelming loneliness and wanting to fit in trumped reality.  Allowing myself to look the other way and align with people who did not have my best interests at heart.   Instead of them wearing masks, though, I put masks on them.  Tricking myself to think that they were sent to me by God.   I worked hard to disguise the truth; believing that their friendship would fill that emptiness so deep inside my soul.  I overlooked their weaknesses and their wayward ways.  But it was the true state of things that actually existed that eventually caught up with me.   Verse 18 above states, “These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves!”  This is so true.  I just set myself up for big-time failure. 

Wisdom in all its glory, alerts us to what is hiding in plain sight.  As I walk through this book, I realize that if we align God’s word with everything and everyone, our life will benefit.  Stress will dissipate, peace will take over.  You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are in the midst of a ‘not good decision’.  Well, wisdom doesn’t allow that to happen.  Living in wisdom actually allows us to live longer and healthier lives. 


As my days in front of me are shorter than the ones behind, my heart’s desire is to wear wisdom like a beautiful garment.  Not caring if I fit in.  Instead, caring that the pieces of my life’s puzzle fit properly.  To make a beautiful picture and walk in the life that God had talked with me about while I was in the womb.  Oh, what freedom having wisdom brings.  And, in the true nature of God, a Father that loves this daughter unconditionally, He has sent me friends that are on the same path.  As for me and my house, seeking wisdom will cover the rest of my days.

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Proverbs: Parent’s Instruction

Proverbs 1:

8 Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction
    and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.
They are a garland to grace your head
    and a chain to adorn your neck.

I have tried to avoid the phrase, “In my day…”, with my children and in general conversation.  I remember how eyes would roll when our parents would begin a sentence with those words.  But as the years go by and the world continues to change by the dozens,  I’ve begun to look back at the way things were handled when I was a youth.

It’s funny how much we ‘think we know’ when we are young.  We tend to look at the older generation as ‘old-fashioned’.  Used up and just not hip or with it.  Not current with information.  If I would have had more wisdom as a youth, I would have realized the fact that my parents had much more time to make mistakes.  That their wisdom and instruction came from being ‘tried and true’. Even if I would not have listened to their instruction and teaching, I needed to listen to their mistakes and learn from them.


I came from a broken family.  My mom was both the father and mother figure in our household.  The things that she taught me kept me safe and the wisdom I gleaned was tucked away and re-opened when I became a parent.  It’s funny how much I thought she ‘didn’t know’ when I was a youth, but realized how strong her wisdom was when my youth had passed.

My girls catch themselves and smile when they say something that mom or dad taught them in their youth.  They find themselves quoting us with those one-liners that we taught them while raising them.  Giving them nuggets of wisdom to carry into their lives. To wear as a garland around their head and a chain to adorn their necks.

My youngest daughter called me today.  She was on a plane flying back from London and the flight attendant approached her before landing.  She said, “I just wanted to tell you that you are the most kindest young woman I have encountered lately.  I have two 27 year old daughters and what I’ve gathered from this generation is that they are very rude and self-entitled.  I just want you to know your parents taught you well.”  Jewels called to thank me and her dad for teaching her well.

Solomon’s words and his instruction to ‘listen’ to our parents are more powerful as years go by.  Cherish the wisdom of your parent’s instruction.  When you look back through the lens of time, you will be able to pick out those pieces of wisdom that your parents had given you.  Grab them and hold onto them…no matter what age you are.

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Proverbs 1 – Solomon

Wisdom.  Something that keeps us safe in every area of our lives.  When I think back on my life and wonder where I had lack, the answer that is heads above the rest would have been in the area of wisdom.  I’ve heard so many individuals say that if they just knew then, what they know now, things would have been different.

It’s never too late, though, to learn.  Most of all, for seeking and gaining more wisdom.  So with that thought, I’ve decided to spend some time going through and writing about Proverbs.

The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:

for gaining wisdom and instruction;
    for understanding words of insight;
for receiving instruction in prudent behavior,
    doing what is right and just and fair;
for giving prudence to those who are simple,[a]
    knowledge and discretion to the young—
let the wise listen and add to their learning,
    and let the discerning get guidance—
for understanding proverbs and parables,
    the sayings and riddles of the wise.[b]

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
    but fools[c] despise wisdom and instruction.

If we ever needed a wisdom-filled guideline on how to handle ourself on this big blue ball, the book of Proverbs will surely provide that for us.  Solomon’s wisdom started with the fact that he asked for wisdom!  It was like having a genie’s lamp.  He could have asked for anything from the Lord that he wanted, but he asked for wisdom.  It was truly the epitome of asking for ‘more wishes’ as one of his wishes.  Wisdom brought him understanding.  He was able to look at people and the world through the 20/20 glasses of wisdom.  He saw what others could not.  I have this visual of him not only knowing what to look for, but how to look.  He adjusted those glasses in such a way that the situations were in laser focus.  So clear and so filled with the exact contrast and color.

The explanation in the scripture above is filled with action words.  Solomon was being set up to gain, understand, receive, do, give, listen, add and get.  All he had to do was open his mind and his heart to receive it all.  Action words don’t just happen without the other person understanding that action is needed to receive them.  Solomon had to be open in mind, body and soul.  He trusted that the Lord was the ultimate teacher and sat down to be taught.  He wanted to discover. He was willing to listen and be silent, so that he could understand.

I’ve spoken to many groups regarding the letters in the word listen.  They are the same letters, in the english language, as the word silent.  None of the above could even begin until Solomon was silent.  I believe that is the first step in receiving and adding to wisdom. We just need to shut up for a bit and let God speak to us.

With a healthy fear of the Lord and a willingness to receive instruction, we are headed on our way to gaining more wisdom.  I’m excited to be on this journey with you.

Creatively His, Sue:)


Proverbs 12:15

“A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

“The lines in our face show the story of our life.  More will show up when anger drags you down.” sueism

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The Master Potter (notes)

Close your eyes — A message from God…

I passionately love every one of my vessels.  Each one is a piece of beautiful art, designed before the foundation of the world and fashioned by My loving hands.  I knew you in the womb.  We spoke about what you would do in your life while you were there.  I knew you. You knew me.  I molded your calling and your passion into you.  You are my daughter.  You are my favorite and I love you.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  — Please don’t forget that.
Psalm 139:14

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.38.24 PM

1. The Mirror — question about 5 things you see.  What you see in the mirror is not how God sees you.   Some of us have dropped our mirrors so many times, there are cracks in it.  Splintered glass.  Many of us have experienced so much pain in our lives, physically, emotionally, mentally…We begin to put cover-up on — to hide the imperfections.  We take medicine to mask it, we crawl inside of ourselves to hide. It changes how we see ourselves in the mirror.   If only you could see you through the eyes of God.

2. Once we say, yes, Lord — make us new.  Help us see you the way you see us…then the process begins.  The seasons begin…

3. Life and brokenness.  What the world brings.  What our decisions bring.  What happens when the ones who love us hurt us.  There are many ways in which brokenness happens.

We can’t let that define us – Miss Bobbie – “I have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.”

To be completely broken is where God wants us, so that we can be made new.

Psalm 51:17 – “Going through the motions doesn’t please you.  A flawless performance is nothing to you.  I learned God worship when my pride was shattered.  Heart shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.”  – A Broken/Contrite heart.

How many of you have cried out, “Lord, I want to be completely broken for You!  Completely made new.”  Be careful what you wish for!

4. I want to introduce you tonight to the Master Potter. When a Potter begins the process of creating a new piece, he begins with clay, but how is clay formed?  Did you know that clay is made from minerals, plant life, and animals—all the ingredients of soil.  Things that have decomposed over time…

When we are broken, laying in the Potters Field — pieces of us are loving picked up by our Lord and gently taken to the Potters table.   Segued…God has the ability to take all of the broken pieces and make a beautiful mosaic. Darren Tyler

 The pieces of a mosaic are not all pretty.  Some of them look like they don’t even make sense, like the bottom of a tree or half of an eyeball.  But when you put all the ‘non-pretty’ pieces together, they make a thing of beauty.  Just like our life!

 Psalm 40:2  He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

5. We are so happy that God is finally looking at us and going to remold us, make us new…then the hammering begins.  We are pulverized into tiny pieces – into dust.   This is done to clean out all the imperfections, the weeds, the dirt.

Job 10:9 – Remember now, that You have made me as clay; And would You turn me into dust again?  Many of us have experienced so much pain.  Divorce, death, loss of friends, sickness, financial difficulties, bullies, unloved, etc.  You can fill in the blank _______.  Sometimes it is pain that we cause to ourselves.

QUOTE:  Don’t cling to a mistake, just because you spent a long time make it.

Kristy Ensor did a series called Broken Jesus Girl — I remember during that time God told me to ‘stop talking down to his daughter’.   How many of you speak down to his daughter?  — I have 3 daughters.  I know, firsthand how hard it is to keep that self-image up!

Ok…so for those of us that think it’s too late.  That we made poor decisions…that there is absolutely no way that God can remake us…We had our chance.  Let’s think about The Israelites messed up too. They repeatedly ignored God’s warnings and failed to follow the rules he set for them. Finally, God punished his people by sending them into exile in Babylon. Yet even in his discipline,  God provided a note of hope: Although the temple was destroyed, it would be rebuilt. Although they were in exile, God’s people would again live in the promised land. Despite their disobedience,  they would receive another chance to do things right. — They were in the Potters Hands!!!

Even thought this process hurts and it  seems at times that God is not there…Not for a MOMENT did He ever forsake you or leave you.  As a matter of fact, He is with us the entire way!

6. So the Process continues…we are in the Potters Hand.  He lovingly pours living water over us.  It feels so good…refreshing, we have hope!!!  We begin to feel that this time in our life is over…whew, now we can live without any more pain.  We can relax.  Isn’t it crazy that when life is good, we begin to become more lackadaisical in reaching out to God? —  When we are Stopped and on our back, we look up – we remember – we cry out…but when we are in motion, enjoying life…we forget…life takes over.  First of the Year — Everyone wants a new start! – How long does it last?  Maybe that’s why this process doesn’t last very long.

But our Father loves us…He wants us to love Him back…

7. Then the molding begins…We feel it.  We know something is changing in the wind.  Some of us call it a ‘sixth sense’ — but it is the Holy Spirit, alerting us…letting us know that it’s time to stop, drop and pray.  Molding hurts.  The PIZZA shop guy.  The Potter begins forming the piece.  It is beginning to take shape.

Do you know the clay never tells the Potter what to do.  It allows the Potter to create.

8. Time for the piece to dry — The Potter puts it on the shelf.  Another season begins.  Four Seasons.  You ever notice that when a new season begins, there is a part of us that waits for it, different things occur.

Then there are those in the North that have long winters…just like that piece on the shelf, we feel forgotten…Seriously Lord, have you heard ANYTHING I’ve been praying about?  I don’t hear you answering.  You are silent.  We talk and talk and whine and talk and whine.  SILENT.  LISTEN.

ACTS —Adoration/Confession/Thanksgiving/So What’s Next Lord –  It’s a practice that makes it all about God — Not about us.

 9. Then we hear the footsteps…finally!!!!!!!!!!!  You have heard, Mr. Potter Man.  I am sick and tired of being on this shelf.  I have been waiting forever to have that perfect job, that perfect husband, that perfect house, that perfect checking account, no more bills, no more sickness, no more pain…no more.  I’m ready to have PERFECT all the time.

Then the doors to the OVEN open, you feel the heat turns up and the firing begins.  A vessel needs to be put into the fire so that it will become strong. Perfection doesn’t come without a price. It’s not comfortable to be in this place…just like losing weight, it takes persistence – No Pain, No Gain

 10. But it was all worth it — Dang we look good!!!  There is a season that now arrives that we can look at everything and say uhhh, huh…We begin to look back at our life and see that all the steps were worth it, the good the bad and the ugly.  God has made us.  He loves us.  He created us.  He is continuing to teach us.  We want to keep learning.  We want to join that bible study.  We want to Dave Ramsey it and get out of debt. We have another chance to make things right. We are praising God for that sweet child that was born. For that new job that our husband got.  Our children are growing into lovable human beings that we WANT to spend time with again and we are loving life again.

Three People in our Life. Important people to help you sort through all the season and to deal with them while you are in them.  Paul, Timothy, Barnabas.

11. We fill ourselves up to pour out, but alas…have we talked to the Lord lately.  Because it seems like there is something wrong with the vessel.  The water is not staying in…It’s time for the glazing.  Yet, another season.  When the Potter creates, the vessel needs glazed so that nothing will ever leak out.  Now you have been through SO MUCH in this process.  So many seasons, so you want this part done right.  The world does it this way.  “I have to admit, glazing is not my favorite part of the ceramic process. It’s probably because of its potential to make or break a good pot (and believe me, I have “broken” quite a few with poor glaze application). I tend to be a bit of a sloppy glazer and I sometimes rush through it a little more quickly than I should.”  But God loves you so much that he takes his time, lovingly, easing into it, getting in all the right corners, all the nooks and crannies.

12. Then there is the final step.  Yes, ladies — one more FIRING. But it’s ok now, you know what it will feel like, you know that it is ‘a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement’.  You are up for the pain.  You don’t feel alone.  You know God is with you.  As a matter of fact, if you look right there in the oven, he has been with you the entire time!!!!!!!!  His tears have joined your tears, your pain has been His pain.  The LOVE of a Father for His daughter.  You were never ever alone.  Even in those times when you thought you were, look back…there He was.

 13. He walks with you out of that final firing and behold, you are beautiful, a vessel that you both know.  A piece that God can use for His glory — to show off, to brag about, to be proud of…

14. Look at these lovely pieces. –

He loves us!  We are His daughters.  We are His creation.  He smiles at us, with us, dances with us, loves on us!!

You are smart!

You are beautiful!

You are enough!

You are complete!

You are worthy!

You are strong!

Your are His!

You are Cinderella!

You are His Princess!

Psalm 139:14-16 The Message (MSG)Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
all the stages of my life were spread out before you,

The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.

God wastes NOTHING!!! Using everything, all things for His glory and we need to be THANKFUL in ALL  things. Even all of the things that are hard to be thankful for!   1 Thess, 5:18

Look at these lovely pieces…

A platter – for those that are called to feed His word to the masses.
A pitcher – to pour out and serve His children with love and caring.  Feeding the hungry.  Clothing the poor. Giving water to the thirsty.
A teacup – to join with the lonely and hug on them.  to listen to their hurts and pain and to encourage them.  to be that one on one kind of person.
A bowl — for those to pray for families to stay together.  to pray for this generation.  to pray for those who don’t know our Master Potter to know him.
A sugar bowl – for those called to spread laughter and joy.  those that are called to sing and bring a sweet presence to the Lord.
A creamer – those that are called to take care of the children.  help them to grow strong and wise in God’s word.
A plate – those that are called to teach.  to study God’s word and be teachers who teach teachers to teach!
A salt and pepper shaker – called to sprinkle the world with God’s word through missions

Some are small, some are large, some are misshapen.  So like God, the creator who made the snowflakes and fingerprints all unique!  Some are small, some are large, some have funny shapes to them, some are unique shapes, but our Father has a plan for every single one!  Thank you, Good good Father!

Love, your re-molded piece of Pottery, Sue:)

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Only in my view

I still get that surge of excitement from deep within when I hold a book in my hands.  The weight of it, the crisp sound that each page makes as I turn them, even the smell of the glue in the binding galvanizes the cells within my brain.  It creates a sense of wonderment as I take the first step from this world to the one within the pages.  Each character comes alive within my imagination.  Spurred on by the building of descriptive words, like turning a pile of clay into a detailed likeness of a goddess.  Even though the author turns my head with their guidance, there is a part of me that participates in the creation of that character.  I see them as no other can.  There are nuances that will only happen in my head.  Only in my view.

The same thing happens when I put a record on the player.  The vinyl does something magical that a cd can’t touch. As the needle travels along each ridge, the atmosphere in the room changes. All my senses are heightened.  Turning back time and taking me to the moment that the music was created.  I don’t hear pro-tools.  Compression is non-existent.  It is pure and raw.  If I strain my ears and listen hard, I hear flaws.  Beautiful, unadulterated flaws.  I feel that I have the right to be there. That it’s not a sin to listen in and hear all the things that make up that glorious whole.  Like a licensed voyeur.  Peeking in to where I shouldn’t but knowing that the creaIMG_5474tor would consider it “ok” for me to be there.  I see something different.  Something old, but fresh.  Only in my view.

Now don’t get me wrong. I”m not a prude.  I love technology more than anyone.  A new gadget.  An easier way to do something so as not to work hard, but smarter. Saving time.  Saving space.  Connecting faster and farther. I’ve tried though, sincerely, to gather that same feeling with the tools that exists today.  I do own an ipad and am a hearty participant in the download power of books, movies and music.  I use the internet to communicate, both through business and personal avenues.  But that feeling that I get from reading a physical book or handling that vinyl record, can’t be duplicated.

Even as I write this, I see pen and paper in my peripheral view.  It is white and clean, like an over-starched man’s shirt.  It beckons me to pick up the fine-tipped pen and begin to scrawl, in my own individual writing, what i want to say.  What I want to share.  For some reason, when I write on paper, I’m more honest.  I feel like there is something that is released within me. Walls are torn down.  I feel free.  My hand moves along like a artist painting a priceless creation.  When I”m done writing,  I look over what I’ve done.  I can’t believe that it happened so quickly and smoothly and gracefully.  I feel proud of it.  I transferred a part of me onto that paper.  Something that time can’t destroy.  Yes, a wrinkle or two will occur.  I realize that the words will dull from reading it over and over.  That loving hands may fold and unfold the paper it was written on.  It may get lost and then found again.  It may even be thrown away.  But the essence that surrounded the creation of it cannot be disturbed.  A memory was made.  Etched in time.  With each press of the pen to the paper, secrets were told and revealed.  I was honest.  Unhindered and free.

I try.  I try to get the same reaction from my modern technology.  It just doesn’t work for me the same way. Even as I type these words, my hand aches to write a note and put it in my special box.  One day, someone will find all these handwritten notes and share that individual, unique moment that I created with hand and ink. I hope that when they do, they can take a step back in time and share my view.

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The Dream

Cameron is a dreamer.  He came from Boston, MA to Nashville, TN to bring his songwriter dream to fruition.  A talented soul with an infectious smile.  Cam is a people collector.  People want to be around him and follow him.  His laughter, the sincere desire to treat others like he wants to be treated and the immense talent that permeates from his very soul makes him unique and special.

Yesterday at approx. 2:30 in the afternoon, Cameron found himself at Vanderbilt hospital with head trauma as the result of a car accident.  He is holding on right now and needs prayer!  In the midst of this prayer, his friend, roommate and songwriter in crime, Tyler Reardon, wants Cam to ‘wake up famous’.

Here is a collection of his music.  You will soon see that the above words are not candy coated.  The talent is pure, raw and alive.

Please join us in prayer for Cam!  Leave a comment so that he can see, when he wakes up, that you too believe in his gift as much as we do.

Creatively His, Keith and Sue Mohr

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Reflection.  One definition of this word,’to give back or show an image of; mirror’ made me think of what I was reflecting to other people when they viewed, listened and watched me.  My hopes were that they saw a woman who was positive, filled with promise and hope, emulating both joy and peace in her life, someone who they wanted to spend time around.  I wanted to be truly honest with myself, though.  Is this truly what other people are seeing?  As of late, there have been some struggles that I know I haven’t hid very well.  Throughout my years, I’ve learned that there is a place of true honesty and just plain over-sharing from the inside out.   Not only can this be done out loud, but it can also show as a reflection in our actions and in our countenance.  Ever been with someone that makes you feel down?  They may not say anything out loud, but they have this cloud of dust that follows them like the character of Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series.  We all have experienced those individuals.  We want to love on them, but at times we avoid them like the plague.  Have you ever considered the people that may avoid us because of our reflection?  


So how do we clean up our ‘trail of dust’?  Change what is reflected in our lives? I’ve made a list of outside forces that affect us.

.   Our friends; people we associate with.

.   Television, movies, radio and social networking.

.   Books/Magazines

.  Our environment, surroundings.

This is the short list, but as you can see, the outside forces are things we can change today.  This is just the beginning.  The other things that will follow are our attitude, our view on things around us, what we eat, how we manage our time, anger control and so much more.

We may not want to admit it, but our little cloud of dirt affects everyone around us.  If we had a friend stand next to us, emptied the can on our sweeper and then threw the contents in the air, not only would it get all over us, it would also get all over them.  The same happens with the cloud we carry along with us; It gets in their lungs, affects their view and their thinking, it surrounds them and pieces of it stick to them.  There is no avoiding it.  Who would want to hang around with someone that makes them feel they need a shower all the time?

Reflection. 1 Corinthians 13:12. “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”  It’s not hard to find the long-list.  God’s word is filled with instructions of how our reflection can be cleaned up.  When it comes time for the face to face with my Savior, I want to make sure my reflection is as clear as his.  Spring cleaning in August?  Yes, it’s time:)

Creatively His, Sue:)

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