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Once upon a time…

“Rebel with a Cause” has always been an appropriate title for Sue.  From an early age she has had that “emotions that drip off the wall” personality, all 5’2” of her!  Seeing the glass “half full” has been a constant part of her “inner vision”, even in the super-rough times.   Throughout the ‘every day things’ of life, she learned how to be teachable.  This is what she deems one of the most important parts of discovering how to build the gifts that God had given her.  Blessed with three beautiful and talented daughters who comprise the Hollywood Recording Artists and Disney rock/pop group EVERLIFE, Sue has been ministering to youth and “not so youth” in various ways for many years.  Unwilling to “grow old gracefully” – she lives life to the fullest as she “grows gracefully”! She will look deep into your heart and love on you unconditionally.  She is the living epitome of “YOU CAN DO IT”.

The mission of her company, THE INNER VIZION, states that deep within each of us lies our unique “gifts”.  As a child, we donned tutus and silk slippers, dreaming of being a ballet princess. We yielded wooden swords, believing we could conquer an army.  We stood tall with our microphone brushes and sang our hearts out. We felt invincible, utilizing our gifts at every turn.  And then, bang… we grew up, reality set in and we buried those gifts, deep.  Sue Ross, founder of The Inner ViZion, is on a quest to help you uncover and re-discover your Inner ViZion that God blessed you with from your early beginnings.  Through biblical insights and real-life illustrations, you will find yourself being drawn back to the fact that you “can do” instead of relinquishing yourself to the quasi-inevitable “can’t do”. She has a unique way of moving the “immovable” by peeling back layer by layer from the walls that we spend a lifetime building.

Today you can find Sue teaching leadership skills through her self-penned leadership devotional “Breaking Through from the Inside Out!” and life-filled storytelling through her talk, “From an unreachable youth, to a teachable woman”. She shares what didn’t work in her life and most of all, what did!  Her irresistible humor and contagious laughter, along with a sincere desire to share life’s secrets will provide answers to questions and question the unanswered.  Her talk entitled “Raising Sane Kids in an Insane World  – The 12 Step Program”, which is also the title of her new book, will have you thinking, laughing, agreeing and then doing!  With the skills brought forth not only from her marketing degree, but with a grass roots rendering of building three businesses and consulting with hundreds, Sue will show your audience how to “focus” with her talk on “Success – Is that with two E’s or one?!? With leadership heading off  it all off, her talk on “L (to the fourth power) – Listen, Learn, Live It, Lead” is a must for all small business owners and individuals in leadership positions…Sue’s accolades are numerous.  From management through RELEVANT VIZION and THE INNERVIZION of a variety of bands, including prior management of EVERLIFE, management consulting, publicity for major studios and major theatre events.  Sue is currently a motivational/teaching speaker through the company of The Inner ViZion.  She has been all over the world with Big World Ventures as a mission leader, counseled through Hi-Tek Development Group based in Florida as a life skills instructor, was a leader in youth ministry, managed a young pop/rock music trio, taught a myriad of dramas and has been a keynote speaker in the U.S. and South America, motivating and inspiring.  Her skills have reached into numerous companies to bring forth “focus planning” throughout the United States and various places around the world.    Her goal is to teach not for a moment, but to teach and cause a domino effect for a life-time!

Sue’s presentations include:

*seminars are not limited to the below.  A seminar can be customized according to your event.

“Lto the 4th power! LEADERSHIP  “ Listen-Learn-Live It-Lead”

A literal leadership 101 class. Becoming a leader and “holding onto” the position of leadership in your life/business/ministry/career in the 21st century.  A four-point process will be brought forth to teach the laws of leadership.  Sue will speak about simplicity vs self-induced complexity in your life/career.  Taking the process from a view of the 1970’s through the current year, Sue will use the roots of the past to help your company/ministry/business grow to fruition with the growth of the present and future…She’s been there done that and will share the process with you!


“Stories and reflections of raising three teenage girls in the 21st century with God at the realm”. With a life-time of “mom-hood” behind her, Sue will take her vast experience and help give you answers to those lifelong questions that parents everywhere have.  Being a career mom, serving on the mission field throughout the world, home-schooling, managing her daughter EVERLIFE’S career, speaking throughout the nations, authoring two books and doing some extraordinary “Martha Stewart” crafts along the way, Sue will fill your day with humor, reflection, great ideas to implement and some no-nonsense ways to reach the youth of today!


“the testimony of an unreachable youth who grew into a teachable woman.” Sue will share how it “is” possible to overcome tragedy and hardships in life.  You can DO IT…whatever that IT is.  You just have to reach a little higher and may have to take that help from another person to do it…  This is Sue’s story.  She shares it with the help of correlations through the characteristics of current women in leadership/biblical characters and heroes of the past.    Not only has she been there and overcome, but shares how others have too!

DO YOU SPELL SUCCESS with two “E”s or one??!?

A seminar that shows how to “find” Waldo in your business plan. With creative ideas and “unique to the individual” plans, Sue will show how her consulting business through her company, THE INNER VIZION, has given direction to many individuals in the independent music  and media business over the years.  Many people concentrate on the “many’s” before they focus on the “fews”. Sue helps to “focus” small business owners with her views on “planning out of the box”.  Having taken a small business to large avenues through this process, Sue recognizes the holes that many find themselves in.  She shows them how to fill them up to bring forth solid ground for their foundation…If you plan to fail, your plan will fail!


One response to “MEET SUE!

  1. SUE, You are amazing! Thanks for supporting so many of us. Mark and I love you and Keith and thank Jesus for sharing your gifts. God bless you!
    Yes, phoenixes do rise after they have been trampled underfoot. I’ve not reached the air yet, but I’m just about at the surface and when I surface…look out!

    New giftings are coming out of this horrendous and still very prominent DYSTONIA, (neurological disorder), but each day, God gives me the strength and grace to fly upward AND to inspire other severely disabled people and suffering physical stresses the joy of leaning on him! It is SO hard to have a body that limits free movement, BUT my spiritual and emotional momentum cannot be stopped.

    Jesus is my strength and song, my high tower and shield. Bless you, Sue.

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