The Inner Vizion

Breaking Through From The Inside Out!

Only in my view

I still get that surge of excitement from deep within when I hold a book in my hands.  The weight of it, the crisp sound that each page makes as I turn them, even the smell of the glue in the binding galvanizes the cells within my brain.  It creates a sense of wonderment as I take the first step from this world to the one within the pages.  Each character comes alive within my imagination.  Spurred on by the building of descriptive words, like turning a pile of clay into a detailed likeness of a goddess.  Even though the author turns my head with their guidance, there is a part of me that participates in the creation of that character.  I see them as no other can.  There are nuances that will only happen in my head.  Only in my view.

The same thing happens when I put a record on the player.  The vinyl does something magical that a cd can’t touch. As the needle travels along each ridge, the atmosphere in the room changes. All my senses are heightened.  Turning back time and taking me to the moment that the music was created.  I don’t hear pro-tools.  Compression is non-existent.  It is pure and raw.  If I strain my ears and listen hard, I hear flaws.  Beautiful, unadulterated flaws.  I feel that I have the right to be there. That it’s not a sin to listen in and hear all the things that make up that glorious whole.  Like a licensed voyeur.  Peeking in to where I shouldn’t but knowing that the creaIMG_5474tor would consider it “ok” for me to be there.  I see something different.  Something old, but fresh.  Only in my view.

Now don’t get me wrong. I”m not a prude.  I love technology more than anyone.  A new gadget.  An easier way to do something so as not to work hard, but smarter. Saving time.  Saving space.  Connecting faster and farther. I’ve tried though, sincerely, to gather that same feeling with the tools that exists today.  I do own an ipad and am a hearty participant in the download power of books, movies and music.  I use the internet to communicate, both through business and personal avenues.  But that feeling that I get from reading a physical book or handling that vinyl record, can’t be duplicated.

Even as I write this, I see pen and paper in my peripheral view.  It is white and clean, like an over-starched man’s shirt.  It beckons me to pick up the fine-tipped pen and begin to scrawl, in my own individual writing, what i want to say.  What I want to share.  For some reason, when I write on paper, I’m more honest.  I feel like there is something that is released within me. Walls are torn down.  I feel free.  My hand moves along like a artist painting a priceless creation.  When I”m done writing,  I look over what I’ve done.  I can’t believe that it happened so quickly and smoothly and gracefully.  I feel proud of it.  I transferred a part of me onto that paper.  Something that time can’t destroy.  Yes, a wrinkle or two will occur.  I realize that the words will dull from reading it over and over.  That loving hands may fold and unfold the paper it was written on.  It may get lost and then found again.  It may even be thrown away.  But the essence that surrounded the creation of it cannot be disturbed.  A memory was made.  Etched in time.  With each press of the pen to the paper, secrets were told and revealed.  I was honest.  Unhindered and free.

I try.  I try to get the same reaction from my modern technology.  It just doesn’t work for me the same way. Even as I type these words, my hand aches to write a note and put it in my special box.  One day, someone will find all these handwritten notes and share that individual, unique moment that I created with hand and ink. I hope that when they do, they can take a step back in time and share my view.

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The Dream

Cameron is a dreamer.  He came from Boston, MA to Nashville, TN to bring his songwriter dream to fruition.  A talented soul with an infectious smile.  Cam is a people collector.  People want to be around him and follow him.  His laughter, the sincere desire to treat others like he wants to be treated and the immense talent that permeates from his very soul makes him unique and special.

Yesterday at approx. 2:30 in the afternoon, Cameron found himself at Vanderbilt hospital with head trauma as the result of a car accident.  He is holding on right now and needs prayer!  In the midst of this prayer, his friend, roommate and songwriter in crime, Tyler Reardon, wants Cam to ‘wake up famous’.

Here is a collection of his music.  You will soon see that the above words are not candy coated.  The talent is pure, raw and alive.

Please join us in prayer for Cam!  Leave a comment so that he can see, when he wakes up, that you too believe in his gift as much as we do.

Creatively His, Keith and Sue Mohr

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Reflection.  One definition of this word,’to give back or show an image of; mirror’ made me think of what I was reflecting to other people when they viewed, listened and watched me.  My hopes were that they saw a woman who was positive, filled with promise and hope, emulating both joy and peace in her life, someone who they wanted to spend time around.  I wanted to be truly honest with myself, though.  Is this truly what other people are seeing?  As of late, there have been some struggles that I know I haven’t hid very well.  Throughout my years, I’ve learned that there is a place of true honesty and just plain over-sharing from the inside out.   Not only can this be done out loud, but it can also show as a reflection in our actions and in our countenance.  Ever been with someone that makes you feel down?  They may not say anything out loud, but they have this cloud of dust that follows them like the character of Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series.  We all have experienced those individuals.  We want to love on them, but at times we avoid them like the plague.  Have you ever considered the people that may avoid us because of our reflection?  


So how do we clean up our ‘trail of dust’?  Change what is reflected in our lives? I’ve made a list of outside forces that affect us.

.   Our friends; people we associate with.

.   Television, movies, radio and social networking.

.   Books/Magazines

.  Our environment, surroundings.

This is the short list, but as you can see, the outside forces are things we can change today.  This is just the beginning.  The other things that will follow are our attitude, our view on things around us, what we eat, how we manage our time, anger control and so much more.

We may not want to admit it, but our little cloud of dirt affects everyone around us.  If we had a friend stand next to us, emptied the can on our sweeper and then threw the contents in the air, not only would it get all over us, it would also get all over them.  The same happens with the cloud we carry along with us; It gets in their lungs, affects their view and their thinking, it surrounds them and pieces of it stick to them.  There is no avoiding it.  Who would want to hang around with someone that makes them feel they need a shower all the time?

Reflection. 1 Corinthians 13:12. “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”  It’s not hard to find the long-list.  God’s word is filled with instructions of how our reflection can be cleaned up.  When it comes time for the face to face with my Savior, I want to make sure my reflection is as clear as his.  Spring cleaning in August?  Yes, it’s time:)

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Call before you dig

Imagine if there was a physical warning sign that popped up in front of our face the moment before we made a bad decision. I wonder.  Would we listen to it or would we still proceed as normal? How many snafu’s have occurred in our lives due to the fact that we didn’t recognize or purposely ignored the warning signs?

I have jumped over and around so many of those signs in my life, only to find myself looking back and seeing that they were clearly posted.  Did I adopt a temporary, self-induced blindness?  Was I filled with pride and selfishness?  Did I jump over and push these obstacles aside with only my own goals in sight?Guilty of all of the above.  There may not have been physical stop signs put in my path, but due to the lack of stopping, thinking, and praying by the moment, I jumped into many a pool without water.


As a woman of faith, I know the voice of my heavenly Father.  I get that ‘this ain’t right Sueziq’ feeling in the pit of my heart from the Holy Spirit.  I asked for this guidance.  Accepted this as truth in my life and still have set it aside and forged forward on my own.  Ha, I say forward, but each wrong decision either stopped me in my tracks or took me on a long sideways path.

Yesterday, while speaking with my sister on the phone, I heard her gasp mid-sentence.  She had the television on in the background and the face of a man that had just assaulted two young girls and had been apprehended had flashed on the screen.  After she had gathered herself for a moment, she explained to me in a shaky voice that this was the man that she had an encounter with just a few months ago.  As a Real Estate agent, she has to make many judgement calls.  This was one of them.  This man had engaged her services to show him some properties in a remote area of town.  When speaking with him on the phone, she had a bit of a leap in her heart and felt that something was off.  She asked her husband to go with her.  Even with her husband there, the man had some quirks that were expressed out loud.  He made some offhanded remarks about how smart she was to bring someone with her due to the fact that she was so pretty.  There were a couple of dogs barking at the property and the man exclaimed that he was afraid of dogs and decided to not get out of the truck to view the property.  In his anger at the animals, he offhandedly stated that he had a gun in the car and would take the dogs out if they attacked.  Unfortunately, the next time that a property came available to view, she was unable to find anyone to assist her, so she decided to go alone.  What transpired in those next few minutes, saved her life.  She followed protocol and let the office know where she was, who she was showing the property to and what time she arrived.  She related this information to the client when they pulled up to the property.  Being in a remote area, with a large piece of property to view, the guy suggested that she accompany him in his truck and they could view the property together.  At this moment, that little voice inside gave a scream.  When she thanked him, but refused and stated that she didn’t feel that was appropriate, he then suggested that due to his bum leg, she go and check out the house herself and let him know if it was a fit.  With her heart beating, she walked up to the porch and then stopped.  Looked at him in his truck and knew that the next decision she made could be a matter of life and death.  She didn’t know how she knew, but she acknowledged that stop sign, the warning signal. She didn’t go into the house. She walked down the steps to her car, hurriedly letting the man know that this was not the property for him and that she would continue looking.  She got in her car, locked the door and proceeded to leave.    Now, as she viewed the screen with his face looming large as life in front of her, she began to shake with the knowledge of her decision.  She had made the right one.

John 10:3-5 To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”

Knowing your Father’s voice is essential, listening to it is vital.  He has given us a way in which to adhere to His guidance.  If you have a shovel in hand and feel that it’s time for action, call Him before you dig.

Creatively His, Sue:)





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Trash Day

Yesterday was trash day.  Houses up and down the street had their receptacles ready and waiting in front of homes.  Some were very neat with the cans lined up like little soldiers at attention. Others flowed over the brim, boxes strewn around the bottom of the base, with no rhyme or reason.  Still others had just a small white bag, tied neatly and laid at the curb.


I’m always amazed at the amount of trash we have.  Glancing up and down the street, I imagined how high of a pile it would make when each can was emptied of it’s contents.  Even with this amount of weekly trash, I wondered how much more was on the inside of the homes.  Just stuff, barely used.  Just sitting there waiting for the day to come that the owners would become bored and throw it away.

Made me think about the garbage that we keep inside of us.  The stuff that we never use, but hold on to.  The could of’, would of’s, should of’s kind of refuse.  Garbage day is a day to get rid of the unusable.  To empty our ‘cans’.  Maybe we should have a weekly garbage day on our calendar to git rid of the unneeded, life-hindering thoughts that plague our every day.  Make a concerted effort to do some cleaning up.  We know it needs done. Just take a look at a Facebook thread, or a twitter rant…

If you look a bit deeper into this concept, you will see that individuals store their internal trash in different manners, just like the people who put out the trash on my street.  Some keep their trash neat.  You can’t see from the outside that there is any trash in their lives at all.  Making sure they rid their homes of exactly what is required, putting out a well-tied bag and not needing the big can.  Other’s hold on to stuff all week long, storing up for the big purge on trash day.  Still others know that it is a necessary part of life, making sure that all goes in the can neatly and then line them up for discarding.  Romans 12:2 gives us a suggestion for what to do with all that trash.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

What are you doing with your trash today?  Are you holding on to it?  Do you take a weekly look at what needs to go and what should stay?  Are you haphazardly storing up and letting the stench of it affect every day?  Trash day.  I’m marking my calendar.

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Zoom In

Zoom In

We had agreed that this past 4th of July we needed to force ourselves to take some time, shut down the operations and just rest.  Isn’t it crazy that we have to force ourselves to rest?  So, we packed a cooler and an overnight bag and joined some friends at a local, but off the beaten path, park. Our good friends had hooked up their fifth wheel trailer and parked it smack dab in the middle of Stress Free Campground, named accordingly. It was quiet, secluded and downright chill.  It had all the earmarks of time gone by.  An old chicken coop, weathered wooden benches, a tiny park with one of those spin it yourself merry go rounds and a concrete swimming pool complete with flaking paint and a weeks worth of leaves.  The ambience was reminiscent of small town USA, a bit forgotten. Not the Taj Mahal, but it provided a much needed escape from the chaos of our business life.  We turned off the cellphones, grabbed the lawn chairs and headed to the pool.  Not surprisingly, it was empty.  All to ourselves.   As we opened the crooked gate, it growned in defiance.   A perfect setting for our goal.  We wanted to, for a short period, just forget time.

My husband and friend dared the water, conversation and laughter ensued and we began to fall into that comfortable place of quiet and sun and relaxation. 


As always, I can’t rest long.  My mind starts to move and before I know it, I”m up and about, looking for something to do.  I grabbed my camera and began searching the view finder for something unique.  A bug caught my attention and I spent a couple of minutes following his trail.  Someone jumped in the pool and I changed direction. Snapping away, I followed the little waves through my viewfinder.  It always amazes me how different the world looks when it is directed on the still shot.  Nothing else in the view, but the straight ahead. I sat down and started clicking through some of the photos that I had taken.  I’m a connoisseur of the closeup and was taking a quick look to enjoy what I had captured.   As I began to zoom in on one of the water photos, something started to form before my very eyes.  The foam and the movement of the water had taken on the shape of the number 3.  This number is one that has been vital in my life…starting with my faith and trust in the trinity of God, my three daughters and so much more.  *bunny trail – Something that many people don’t know, I have 3 kidneys! (One is a double embryo, they say – Overachiever here!)  What a cool reminder to me that God sends us little notes all through His creation.

I began to think how many times we miss things in our daily life because we don’t make the time to ‘zoom in’.  We have become surface viewers.  We just can’t help ourselves. We don’t stop long enough to smell the roses.  As a matter of fact, we tend to skim over the visual of the roses and we don’t even see them growing in front of us.  We live in an era of visual chaos.  It consumes us. We just can’t seem to find the time to zoom in, to take that extra moment and discover what is beneath.  I haven’t been able to shake this thought today.  What am I missing, Lord?  What have I missed?  What will I miss if I don’t change the way I view things?  That antsy feeling started rising up in me once again.  This time, it had some direction.  I’m finding myself wanting to stop, drop and zoom in on the things around me.  Taking time to be quiet, then to sit in the quiet and take a closer look.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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Morning Sun

A gorgeous morning.  The birds were in full symphony, you could hear an unrestrained joy in their songs.  As much as I love to people-watch, I also love to view the houses that people live in.  Many things can be revealed without even stepping in the front door.  The way the lawns are manicured.  Whether there was extra effort taken in those tiny decorations that give you an outside welcome.  Flowers that have been planted and either forgotten or provided the utmost care.  I passed a small tree that may have been lovingly planted, but over time, ignored, and now tilted hungrily towards the sun.  You could tell that it had that inner knowledge that the only way to survive was to extend itself outward.  A father and his two children enjoying a quiet stroll together.  The little boy asleep in the carriage without a care in the world.  The daughter, skipping beside her dad and brother, feeling safe and secure in the moment.  The father, bleary eyed, still had a thought for human kind as he gave a small wave and a half-hearted smile in my direction.  Not even half-way around the neighborhood and my mind was filled with stories of what lay inside those many homes.  As I neared the end of my walk, the sun rose a little higher in the sky and in front of me were two large streams of light.  They were pointing to me, seemingly touching me in the middle of my chest as if God had directed the rays my way to warm me and remind me that he was still here.  I have been having chest pains recently and found out that there are digestive issues that are causing it.  It has been a slow race in finding what can work for me. 


In the meantime, I’ve continued to struggle with the pain.  So apropos that this morning, God reminded me with a seemingly point of his fingertips that He also looks at the outside of our houses, but from the inside out.  There are no walls.  No mortar.  Not even a chain link fence that can keep Him from viewing what is inside.  He doesn’t have to guess what is going on inside, He just knows. Luke 11:40 says, “You foolish people!  Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?” — Why do we as humans, forget these things?   It is as if we adopt induced memory loss.  Forgetting that we have a constant counselor.  Someone that knows us from the inside out.  Knows our struggles, our mental, emotional and physical pain, our loves, our losses, our hurts, our everythings!  — I took my glasses off and wiped them clean and the streams of light disappeared.  Now some would say that those sunbeams directed towards my chest were the result of a couple specks of dirt on my glasses.  I believe God allowed those specks of dirt to arrive in just the right way so that my view would be changed.  From the inside out.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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SUEISM: “Regret leaves a stain on every brand new day.”

Just as your eyes are about to open, lashes fluttering at the knowledge that a new day is about to begin, a thought passes quickly into your cerebral cortex.  A memory, a quick glance into the past and before you know it, regret has seaped in and stolen the beginning of yet another new day.  Panic disorders and depression are becoming commonplace at an alarming rate.  Regret becomes a stain that spreads into your very being like red wine on a fresh-washed linen tablecloth.

STAINIt is easily recognizable.  It destroys the essence of the setting.  It sticks out like a sore thumb, messing with your mind, body and soul.  Have you ever been there?  Most of us can respond with a resounding yes.  What do we do with regret once it visits us, yet again?  A wise man tells me first to recognize regret as a ‘past’ problem, not a ‘present’ problem.  This may sound a bit profound, but how many of us take things that have happened eons ago and mix them up with our current time.  For understanding sake, it is like taking manure and mixing it with the ingredients of a chocolate cake.  Once it has been baked, it looks fine, but the moment your palette receives the first taste, it knows something is extremely wrong.  The same thing happens when we allow regret to stain our day.

1 John 1:9 states, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrightousness.”  Regret needs a good cleaning.  It arrives attached with things that we are sorry for doing or not doing.  Recognize it for what it is, then put it where it belongs, the past is past…this is a new day.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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Numbers 6:25-26, “… the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

“When we turn towards the sun, the shadows on our face will disappear.” sueismScreen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.20.52 PM

As time passes in my life, the mirror doesn’t lie.  I see the lines on my face grow deeper.  As I slowly trace them with my fingers, some bring me joy, while others bring me memories of sorrow.  All of them together, though, form who I am.  Without one or the other, I wouldn’t look or be complete. Now don’t get me wrong, ha, there are some that I have allowed to be created and if it was possible, I would erase.  But since that magic eraser just doesn’t exist, I will continue to seek peace in the whole of who I am, learn from the deep and shallow ones and look forward to new ones to come.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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01.06.14 – THE INSULT

Proverbs 12:15

“A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

“The lines in our face show the story of our life.  More will show up when anger drags you down.” sueism


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We live in an ever-growing passive aggressive social world.  Just scroll down through your social media and watch from a distance insult after insult, being not only thrown but caught and re-thrown again.  When did we get so ‘over the top’ defensive?  It has become so much easier behind the screen of a computer, hasn’t it?   Are there any prudent men left out there?