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I’ve listed 27 reasons (from a past article I found) for a PRESS RELEASE to go out – Come on, YOU ARE IMPORTANT – Let’s hear about it…blessings, sueJ

1) You’ve Just Formed a New Band. A new group with a new name and new lineup is newsworthy, especially to the local press. In fact, some of the best press releases take advantage of fresh, breaking news. Wait too long and it quickly becomes “old news.” So act fast when you have a “new” angle.

2) You’ve Just Added or Replaced a New Member. If something changes in your musical world, see if it’s worthy of a press release.

3) Your Band Reaches an Anniversary Date. Don’t let that five-year band anniversary pass without fanfare. Use it as a reason to celebrate … and let the media know about it. This angle will work better if you tie in an event or giveaway along with it.

4) Your Band Is About to Perform a Milestone Gig. Do you keep count of your live shows? You should. I’ve seen a few bands successfully promote their 100th, 200th or 500th gig. TV shows do it. Why not your band?

5) A Member of Your Band Has an Interesting Day Job. Publicity isn’t limited to what you do onstage or in the studio. Is someone in your band a volunteer fireman? A doctor or lawyer? A mortician? A tarot card reader? Think about how you can use your day gigs to promote your band gigs.

6) Your Band (or Record Label) Takes a Stand on a Major Issue. What do the members of your band think about Napster? Or the proliferation of boy bands? Or the angry sentiments in much of today’s music? Issue a press release on where you stand, and position yourself as a possible spokesperson on the topic. You just might be contacted for a quote.

7) You Meet Some Unusual Challenge or Rise Above Adversity. Was your equipment recently stolen? Did a member become seriously ill? Sometimes negative circumstances lead to other opportunities, especially when you overcome a sad situation.

8) You’ve Just Added or Replaced a Member of Your Business Team. Send a press release when you bring on a new manager, attorney, booking agent or publicist.

9) Your Band Inks a Recording or Distribution Deal. This should be an obvious one, but it’s here to remind you just in case.

10) You Begin Recording a New CD. A new recording from your band is not just good for one PR shot. Each stage of the process presents a chance to get a plug in the media. So send out a release when you embark on a new musical journey.

11) You Finish Recording a New CD. Send another release when the final tracks are mixed.

12) You Have a CD Release Party Date Set. Let the world know when your official release date is and what fans can expect on the new disc.

13) Your CD Is Now Available at a New Web Site or Retail Chain. Every time you add a new source of sales and distribution, consider it another chance to connect with the media.

14) You Reach a Milestone Number of CD Sales. Especially it you’re an indie, industry folks will be impressed if you can sell a significant number of CDs on your own without help from a major label. Definitely get the word out when you hit 1,000 … 5,000 … 10,000 in sales.

15) Your Band Is One of the First to Make Use of a New Technology. Did you employ a cutting-edge recording technique? Implement a new way to enhance your CD? If you’re one of the first in your region or category to use something new, shout it out!

16) You Get Reviewed by a Major Media Outlet. Of course, if Rolling Stone or Spin covers your band, you’ll want to make that known to other media outlets. But “major media” in this sense is relative. Even if a semi-well-known web site reviews your CD, it would be worthwhile to send a press release to other music-related web sites and let them know what they’re missing.

17) You Have a High Ranking in a Poll or Sales/Download List. Do have the best-selling CD on the Such-and-Such site or the most-downloaded MP3 file at That’s good news. Let the world know by sending a press release.

18) Your Band Organizes a Charity Event. These events, especially when you shine the PR light on the charity itself, are classic attention-getters.

19) Your Band Issues an Award. Perhaps there’s a person in your town who you feel is deserving of a Most Influential Person in the Music Scene Award. Don’t wait for someone else to offer it. Create the award yourself. Make it an annual event, with your band as the sponsor.

20) You Release the Findings of a Survey of Your Music Fans. Take a survey on a current hot topic or a funny but newsworthy subject. Compile the results and send a press release. You may be surprised by how many media bites you get.

21) You Take Your Music In a New Direction. Have you decided to do all acoustic shows this year after a decade of full band shows? Or perhaps your newest songs have fewer Christian references than they did in the past. Maybe your new album features a string quartet for the first time. If it’s new and different, it’s probably newsworthy.

22) You Make New Songs Available for Free Download. Everybody is doing this today, so make sure and use this angle with truly “new” tracks, just released for public consumption … or for older tracks that were previously only available on a physical CD.

23) Your Band Wins an Award. Were you voted “Best Polka Band in Toledo”? If so, then crank out some PR right away!

24) One of Your Band Members Receives an Award or Other Recognition. If your bass player just earned an act-of-bravery award for rescuing a child from a burning building, let the world know about the fearless deed. The same thing applies to the drummer and his victory in the apple pie-eating contest (although more people will be impressed by the bass player).

25) Someone Well-Known Sits In with the Band. Let’s say Lemmy from Motorhead shows up at the club you’re playing and jams onstage with the band. Don’t just brag to your friends. Let the media know about it too.

26) You Announce a New Tour Schedule. Whenever you perform in a city for the first time or return to a city for the first time in a while, let the press in that area know about it.

27) You Give Away a Limited Number of CDs. It could be the first 50 people who visit your web site, the first 10 callers during your radio appearance, or 20 people whose names are drawn out of a hat at your unplugged show. Giving stuff away is another powerful way to get mentioned in the press.

As you can see, media exposure opportunities are all around you. You just have to open your eyes and look for them.


2 responses to “PR IDEAS

  1. Besser says:

    Great Post, Thank you for the info, it was much needed.

  2. As a new member on Indieheaven, I am so thankful for all the tools available. You certainly are a library of information, which I will be using to make my gift known. I am so thankful I came across this site. Blessings!

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