The Inner Vizion

Breaking Through From The Inside Out!



THE INNER VIZION, along with founder, Sue Ross, boasts that everyone has gifts (talents) that are unique to us alone, our Inner Vizion…. It’s time to “Break Through from the Inside Out!” and begin to use them!

The goal and mission, of THE INNER VIZION is to help uncover and recognize your gift, use it and learn how to enhance it.  The INNER VIZION will motivate you to do this from the inside out! Sue Ross, Author of devotional, “Breaking Through from the Inside OUT”, devoted mom of Disney rock/pop group, Everlife and “motivational speaker extra- ordinnaire” will woo your audience into action!  Her talks, which include such favorites as “Raising Sane Kids in an Insane World; The 12-Step Program” , “R U Teachable”, “Leadership 101 for Dummies” and “Breaking Through from the Inside OUT!, along with her personal testimony, “From an Unreachable Youth, to a Teachable Woman”, are just a few of the titles available for your audience.  Having been a teacher, missionary, life-skills instructor, youth leader, drama instructor, music promoter and manager, along with raising three teenagers, have given Sue a broad view into the lives of many throughout the years. With unique humor, real life-stories, melded with biblical insight and memorable analogies, all rolled up into unforgettable “visual thoughts”, Sue will inspire and induce change in a variety of audiences.

Her words of encouragement, can-do attitude and “time to throw away the rear view mirror” direction will motivate the “unmotivated” to action.  She will leave your audience with answers to questions that have long been unanswered.  Sue is an experience that you need to “experience”…

Sue has been a keynote speaker at various events over the past 15 years, including youth seminars, women’s events and leadership events.  She has designed and teaches a class called “LEA; Leadership, Evangelism and the Arts”, inspiring leaders to utilize their gifts to evangelize the gospel.  Sue has been a Music Promoter of various fundraiser concerts, raising support for the needs of displaced individuals in natural disasters and short-term missions. She worked with Big World Ventures, Tulsa, OK,  on a myriad of mission ventures.  Sue has worked with Hi-Tek, a group that provides life-skills for public school youth that have found themselves “directionless”.  She spent 10 years managing the rock/pop Disney group. Everlife, along with being a management liason to various musicians, working publicity for movie and theatre and consulting independent and signed musicians.

The Artist Management Consulting Package provides myriad of “unique” to the artist alone ideas, along with assessing the needs of the “musician-ary” involved:

THE ESSENTIALS will literally include the grass roots aspects of– Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?  The Inner Vizion will help to develop the Vizion of your business along with developing a “self-directed” plan.  This will include the experience of 15 years of development, based on a step-by-step plan.

We believe that without a plan – your plan will fail.

The Inner Vizion will help to “fine-tune” your mission as a “musician-ary” in both the Christian arena or in the world at large.  This will cover all aspects of audience, focus, prayer cover, song-writing and co-writing,  performance, marketing, advertising, distribution, networking and so much more…Each project consists of “unique to the artist” alone ideas and creative aspects.

Each consult can be customized to your particular needs.

Making an impact is essential.

Please let me know if you have any further questions…References and more information are available at — I look forward to serving you…Sue Ross-Mohr – ©

TIV Management Consulting Survey


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