The Inner Vizion

Breaking Through From The Inside Out!




Deep within each of us lies our unique “gifts”.  As a child, we donned tutus and silk slippers, dreaming of being a ballet princess. We yielded wooden swords, believing we could conquer an army.  We stood tall with our “microphone brushes” and sang our hearts out. We felt invincible, utilizing our gifts at every turn.  And then, bang… we grew up, reality set in and we buried those gifts, deep.  Sue Ross, founder of The Inner ViZion, is on a quest to help you uncover and re-discover your Inner ViZion that God blessed you with from your early beginnings.  Through biblical insights and real-life illustrations, you will find yourself being drawn back to the fact that you “can do” instead of relinquishing yourself to the quasi-inevitable “can’t do”.  She has a unique way of moving the “immovable” by peeling back “layer by layer” from the walls that we spend a lifetime building.  Sue has worked with independent artists (music, photographers, speakers, authors) across the world.  Visit the reference page to view their comments about the services available to you from this unique consultant.  Services include phone/email consults, face-to-face consulting, press releases, bio writing, book cover copy, creative ideas, branding, strategy planning, marketing and promotion plans and much more…


BREAKING THROUGH FROM THE INSIDE OUT  – available January 1, 2009
A compilation of devotions/daily thoughts written to leaders across the world.  Sue has visited many countries, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, Scotland and many states in America.  The leaders that she has met/taught across the world had requested that Sue continue her “insights” into their lives.  This devotional is a collection of the emails/penned correspondence.  Sue believes that each of us have been given an inner vision.  A place where our strengths and passion lies.  With encouragement, ideas and insight, she will give the leader in you a ‘step-up’.

RAISING SANE KIDS IN AN INSANE WORLD: The 12-step Program – available February 2010


Sue will keep your audience “captive” with humorous anecdotes from “real-life” illustrations.  She has traveled the world over regaling audiences with “tales from the lips” of real people.  Considered the “queen of quotes”, she’ll teach you the profound that was there in front of you all along.  Having been a teacher, a preacher, a corporate manager and a mom – she possesses all the qualifications to recognize the “nitty gritty” and begin to help you “clean it up”.

Her 60 to 90 minute talks are uplifting, motivating, challenging and creative.  Her consulting is unique and will give you that foundation that is necessary to uplift your career and point you in a direction that WORKS…

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