The Inner Vizion

Breaking Through From The Inside Out!



Rider to be attached and made part of the written contract dated ___________________ in the city __________and state of ________________between Sue Mohr (herein referred to as ARTIST and _________________________ (herein referred to as PROMOTER).

Thank you in advance for sending one copy back with the signed contract for this event.  If there are questions pertaining to this rider, please contact Keith Mohr, Booking Agent Extraordinnaire, .

This Rider is prepared so that ARTIST can provide the best possible performance for your event.


Please provide a quality sound system so that the ARTIST can be properly heard from front to back of event area.

Please provide a Wireless microphone.  The ARTIST likes to move around and use her hands alot.

Please provide a microphone stand.  This is for when  a wireless mic is not able to be provided and ARTIST wants to use her hands alot.

Please provide a backup wired mic.  Just in case. ARTIST has this weird magnetism.

Wedges on left, center and right of stage are preferred.

Please provide a sound engineer or someone that can turn her up and down.


Daylight is great.  Nothing needed here.

If event is inside, please make sure that lights are turned off in audience area when ARTIST begins to speak.  The ambience is not a necessary part of the performance, but it sure provides a nice setting.

A lighting engineer is not required, but how cool would that be!


Please provide one eight (8) foot table or two four (4) foot tables end to end.   Having this ready in advance would work great.

Two individuals will be needed to operate the product table.  These people should be responsible and trustworthy, able to work numbers in their head if the calculator battery runs out.  Table workers will need to be at the show 1 hour prior to doors opening and also during the show and after.  A laminated sheet with the merchandise setup will be provided.

No concession fees or percentages will be paid to the PROMOTER or the venue, unless previously agreed in writing, via the signed contract.


ARTIST is not a picky eater, but her body is just a bit intolerant of certain items.  Please check with the road manager in advance (contact name/number will be provided 2 weeks prior to event) to discuss meals.  ARTIST would love to visit local dining attractions also.  Take the woman out to lunch/dinner if possible.

ARTIST will be traveling with road manager.  He/She will also need to eat.  It’s the law.


Two non-smoking (2) hotel rooms are to be provided.  Less than 10 miles from the venue would be great if possible.  If more than 10 miles, note that ARTIST gets motion sick (provide bags).  Please understand that a MOTEL is not sufficient.  Inside doors only, please.  (Middle-aged woman, traveling with young woman.) Thank you for understanding.  Please arrange for early check-in.

Wireless is such a necessity these days.  Please provide this service for the ARTIST in the hotel room.

Please pre-pay all rooms and place in the name of THE INNER VIZION.


Someone to pick up two (2) individuals from airport and then to and from hotel for event is required.  ARTIST does travel with a large merchandise container on wheels.  Please make sure that this can fit in the vehicle.  Dimensions are approximately 3 feet high x 4 feet wide.


A hot-pink hand towel and three (3) room temperature bottles of water is requested to be placed on stage next to microphone stand.


Any and all outdoor events must have an appropriate cover.  Sue Mohr is over the age of “no return” and the cover will help with heat/sun.   Trust me, a sweating, menopausal female ARTIST is not pretty!


One (1) dressing room of adequate size is required to comfortably accommodate ARTISTS, which is restricted from the general public and located as close to the stage as possible. (adequate size should be at least 3′ x 3′, excercise before event can happen.


The PASSWORD, if needed for internet access at venue would be appreciated.  Please provide to Road Manager.


PROMOTER shall maintain full adequate security for the ARTIST and all personal possessions.


No portion of ARTIST performance may be broadcast, recorded, filmed, photographed or taped in any form without prior written permission of ARTIST.  If permission is granted, a copy of all is to be forwarded to THE INNER VIZION – 1007 Solomon Lane, Spring Hill, TN  37174, so ARTIST grandchildren can see she is famous.


PROMOTER is responsible for maintaining all necessary liability insurance for this event.  A certificate of proof of this insurance should be emailed to at least 15 days prior to the concert date.


All payments due on behalf of the ARTIST should be made via cash or non-personal check prior to performance, unless agreed upon by writing otherwise prior to event.  In the event that a net percentage is part of the contract agreement, PROMOTER will be responsible to provide Road Manager with a written accounting.


Please provide a contact for Road Manager 15 days prior to event.  He/She will contact you and discuss any needs you may have in regards to any of the above.  Please send contact information (name/cell number/email address) to .

THE INNER VIZION and Sue Mohr are looking forward to making your event a success.  Thank you for reading and adhering to the above.  If you have any questions at any time, please direct them to .

The terms of this agreement are confidential and shall not be disclosed by either party.  It’s a trust thing!

I hereby agree to and fully understand the terms and conditions presented above:

__________________________________________     ______________

PROMOTER                                                                  DATE


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