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01.03.2014 – REFRESHED

on 03/01/2014

Proverbs 11:25 “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

“When we get up and get someone else a glass of water, we find ourselves at the same place that will quench our very own thirst.” sueism


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The key is always in the form of a verb.  An action.  We all know that It is not convenient to serve others.  We have to put our ‘self’ aside.  It is so much easier to just ignore their requests.  To pretend we didn’t hear.  Or to just even say out loud, “someone else will do it.”  When we do act or react, even if we have to go well out of our way, remove ourselves from the easy chair, turn off the tv and walk out into the cold to serve someone else, it is amazing how we are the ones who end up being touched. Think about it.  About all the times that you didn’t want to, but did.  When you showed up to help load up a moving van even though your favorite football team was playing. Or called someone you knew was lonely, knowing they would talk your ear off.  Even if all you got in exchange was a smile, or a thank you or even just that ‘feel good’ feeling. Songs have been written about it.  Action that serves others just never turns up void. Ever.


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