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01.02.2014 – BECOMING WISE

on 02/01/2014

Proverbs 7:9 “How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord!”

“Two vital things to do when seeking wisdom is 1. Listen 2. Listen.” sueism


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Wisdom has been sought by many men throughout the centuries.  A man who was deemed to have wisdom was also highly respected.  Wisdom is something that cannot be had in a moment.  Seeking it is a process, one that needs repeated over and over again.  Those that have wisdom do not boast of it.  That would make them unwise.


One response to “01.02.2014 – BECOMING WISE

  1. Mark 4:24 – “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given–and you will receive even more.

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