The Inner Vizion

Breaking Through From The Inside Out!


on 25/02/2013


“Every time we make even the smallest move, it causes a ripple effect that affects someone else.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.12.41 PM

photo courtesy of earthangels-angeliclightworkers

You reading this blog right now is part of the never-ending ripple effect  touches humankind.  What we do each and every second, in some way, affects not only our lives, but many others.  Doesn’t it just boggle your mind to think that our actions have that kind of power.  So with that knowledge now embedded in your current thoughts, how can you change a piece of time in your world by adjusting your next movement?    Starting a ripple holds us responsible for what and who that ripple touches.  I wonder what would happen if you really thought hard before you started that next ripple?


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