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Where are your eyes directed?

on 13/02/2013

SUEISM: “If our eyes are directed at ourselves, we will miss the opportunity to meet a whole world of people who are walking beside us.”

How many times do we concentrate so heavy on everything that is in us, that we literally miss everything that is around us!  I’ve always told my girls that there is no such thing as a stranger.  Just a friend waiting to be met.  I truly believe that our lives are strengthened and given flavor by the people who are in our lives.  Someone that you may just meet for a day, or even a brief moment.  Some last for a season and many others are part of the seasoning in our ventures and journey through this vast Hotel Earth.  My dear husband speaks of worry as “temporary atheism”.  That about covers it in on my end.  When I am so self-absorbed about the things that I just can’t do anything about, I tend to miss ‘moment’s that I can never get back again.  So here is to looking up and around, discovering and touching elbows with the individuals who are all around us.  That may just be me who is at your right elbow now:)Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.43.42 PM                                              pic courtesy of

Creatively His, Sue:)


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